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It is truly a family affair around here.  Michael along with his oldest son Matt and daughter Melinda use to dream of the day when they would be breeding and developing quality quarter horses.  That day has arrived. 

What you see every year couldn't happen with out everyone pitching in and doing their part.

Michael or "Papaw" around the barn along with his wife Martha aka "Granny" are responsible for stud management and mare care.  We often tease them about being grandparents to all of the foals.

Matt along with his wife Jenny handle all labor and delivery, as well as training all of our horses.  It is because of them we have two years olds flying through water and studs that kids can ride.

Melinda handles all marketing and sales.  If you like what you see on our web site, our ads, and other media outlets talk to Melinda about making it happen for your ranch.

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